Force value into textbox from keyboard

Hi all, I need help on how to force a numeric value between 10 and 20 entered from the keyboard into a textbox.
Thanks so much

the easy way is to set the TextBox.NumberOnly to true, and then before call Textbox.Text, check if it's between 10 and 20.

Or you can use an extension TaifunTextbox by Taifun, there is an event AfterTextChanged, in which you can check if it's valid.

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Other options:

  1. use Slider to change the value, no need to input from keyboard
  2. use 2 buttons and 1 label, one button to increase the value, one button for decrease

Now I'm trying the second solution which would simplify my code a lot, but right now AppInventor server is down.


hello KevinKun

I tested the second solution and is ok,
Thank you very much