Force the number of letters max in a text zone?

Hello everyone , this time i try to make it so that a text zone (input for the user) would be capped at max 200 chars , i dont even know where to start : i didnt find a command that looks like this in the letter zone's choices . Do i have to search in the "math" ? Anyone could gimme a trail to start with please ?

See this example:

TextBoxTest.aia (3.4 KB)

I used a clock component which checks the length of the text in text fields. When the limit is reached, any excess text is truncated. Unfortunately, I have to hide the keyboard because the cursor goes back to the beginning of the text field.

To achieve a better result, you can use the extension.

thanks ! it worked !

Another question , when i download extensions from pura vida apps , how do i extract the plugins from a AIA file ? i didnt find the way to do it ?

When you download the free extensions from puravidaapps they are downloaded as extensions (aix files) not aia project files. Download the correct file at the bottom of the page for the extension.