Force sound to speaker

I have connected headphones in order to have antena to radio fm.
But when headphonesis connected the sounds of my app are send to it. I'd like to force sound to use there a way to do it ?

i can't see how it answer to my question ?

@ABG He needs to send sound to the phone speakers even if headphones are connected to it.

I don't think this is possible because sound is managed by the android system and if you connect to a headphone, all audio will automatically be rerouted there.

some apps in store do it !

Can you show me one? I can figure out how they work.

I opened this in android studio, and I found out that it uses the AudioManager class. The only way for you to actually do this is to ask someone like @Taifun to build an extension for you. I could of done this myself, but I am not skilled enough to make it. Sorry!

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ok thanks for your help

I could add this feature into my headset plug status extension, App Inventor Extensions: Headset Plug Status | Pura Vida Apps

you could be the sponsor of that new feature... in case you are interested, just contact me by email... thank you


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

Hello to everybody ! I'm new to community so I hope to not disturb...
I'm looking for an extension (or any simple way) in order to select the output for sound when the audio jack is inserted.
two years passed since this topic has opened... no solution for this?
Thanks in advance for any reply.
Cheers !