For how long appinventor will be available?

How long Appinventor will be available? And how long this community will answer questions?
I'm afraid that one day every effort i did will go in trash.
Thanks (sorry for my english)

If you want to make a professional android app, learn Java or Kotlin. It gives you independence from others.

App Inventor 2 has been running since 2015. Whilst I am worried about the future Collaboration with Kodular and whether it will break a lot of stuff, as far as I'm concerned, App Inventor will not stop operating anytime soon.

As per your second question, it depends on what types of questions you ask.

If you ask a question in a good manner with details describing your problem, your thread will be more likely to be answered quickly. OTOH, if you provide very few details, and constantly spam or bump your topic, it will be less likely to be answered quickly, or even be ignored. By details, you might want to describe what the bug is, what devices you tested with, which mode you tested with (companion/APK), and show a clear screenshot of the relevant blocks.

Well, nobody knows the future and eventually everything will disappear (dissolve / die) - even the trash. This applies to everything - your work, efforts, things, thoughts, ...

So there is little point in planning too much and too far in advance.
"Planung ersetzt Zufall durch Irrtum." - A. Einstein (*)
("Planning replaces coincidence by error.")
(*) quote attributed to him

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Always make sure to export your projects on a regular basis so you have local copies. We publish App Inventor's sources publicly via GitHub so that anyone can build and run their own copy. You can import your projects into a local build of App Inventor if for whatever reason your access to the MIT hosted instance goes away.

But that wouldn't help if AI2 stopped providing the SDK updates that Google enforces annually.

That is more of an issue for folks who publish their apps in the store. People building and sideloading apps for themselves I don't think would have too many issues. Of course, by having the sources open anyone could continue to address SDK changes if needed.

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