For Each Item and For Each Number both cycle in reverse order

I was troubleshooting a nested for loop and the results didn't make sense. Added a notifier and discovered the order was processing in reverse even though the parameters were From 1 to 5 by 1. Same for a list. I verified both with the simplest program. When I used From 5 to 1 by -1 it actually processed in reverse from what it should.


explain with more detail which is your problem and what do you want to achieve.

Notifiers pop up on top of each other, so as you clear each one you are seeing them in reverse order from the order in which they were invoked.

Thanks for that! I thought that the notifier would pop up and processing would stop until the notifier exited at which time processing would resume. But not the case as I verified what you said.

Answered in the next reply.