For Beginners: Firebase Login and Register with Refer System

This is a small advance for the Beginners to understand how can they use firebase database in order to create a Login and Register system. For games , apps and extra.

This aia does not contain token and url for firebase please use your our url to test it.

Aia :- Test.aia (6.7 KB)

Json File :- test-base-98340-default-rtdb-export.json (105 Bytes)

[Mod_Edit - please note that this example does not use any firebase security rules]

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There does not appear to be any firebase authentication, meaning all data is read and write true. Aside from being very insecure, users should not be encouraged to enter personal data, Firebase will routinely alert the project owner about there being no security applied to the firebase project.

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I didn't posted the complex rules witch I user to secure data because it would become more confusing . Also it's just a tip not a full guide to how to setup the system. Understanding the basics is important and me adding rules on top without explaining what that dose would be more confusing also I can do so much on just a phone.

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Nevertheless, you should advise users/developers of this important issue in your original post.


Sorry for the inconveniences caused by my action but this is only to learn how to use the database not for use as shown. If anyone is coping the code and using it literally then they are not here to learn. Also I was tired when I posted this it was 12:40 Am so I haven't had time to fully simplify the terms pro's and con on using this.

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