For Apple Devices

Hey Everyone! I'm here to get an update on MIT progress. I've heard somewhere that we can now build both android and ios application via MIT so is it now possible for me to build an ios based e-commerce application and publish it on apple store? Thanks

as far as i know not yet they are on still at process but you can use ios phone to test your project

Thanks for the information. By the way do you have any rough idea on how much time the process is going to take?

I tried using my Iphone to test my app and it did not work. What can I do to fix this problem?

"It did not work" is a fairly vague statement. More information helps us understand what needs to be done to fix the issue if it is a bug in the iOS version.

Sir, May I know when can we have ios based MIT? I want to build and publish my ios e-commerce application? Thank you.

It literally does not work on ios to test apps maybe for you but it just has the loading screen and say you were disconnected from your server so if you known how please tell me