Footer element with static position


I have variable height scrollable vertical arrangement followed by a fixed height horizontal arrangement. I want the fixed height horizontal arrangement to always be at the same place at the bottom of the screen, like a fixed position footer. I have this working when when the variable height scrollable vertical arrangement is larger then a available space but not when it is smaller. When smaller the bottom arrangement rises.
How to make the fixed height horizontal arrangement always be at the bottom of the page regardless of the size of the elements above it?


  1. Set the vertical scrolling arrangement to fill parent
  2. Insert a label between the vertical scrolling and horizontal arrangements, remove the text and set to fill parent

Tried both methods. Neither work. In both cases the height of the element defaults to the size of the contents.

Try this:

footer.aia (3.3 KB)

(Screen Scrollable must be unticked)

thanks for the help.

When I try simple tests it works but fails when I have nested elements. I think the issue I have is that the element I want to shrink and expand is inside other elements and not at the bottom. The attached diagram shows the layout I have. This is the latest and I have tried many different variations.

VA = vertical arrangement
HA = horizontal arrangement
VSA -= vertical scroll arrangement
FP = fill parent
Auto = automatic size

The VA at the bottom appears at the bottom correctly. The VSA fills the available space and pushed the footer to the bottom.

I would like the empty space to be above the VA "This shuld be pushed down" element. No matter what I try or which elements I use the space element does not expand.

to get this
add a label and set its height to fill parent

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Hi Taifun,

tried it but didn't work. This is shown in the diagram, both the VA and the label and set to fill parent (FP) but the height is always equal to the content only.

Try this

footer_revised.aia (1.4 KB)