Follow cycle route


I'm looking for an aia file that shows me the road I'm driving , on the screen of my smartphone, possibly with a dot per meter, so you can easily see how many meters you have until the next turn (or a change of 45°)
Basically an easy tracking system
Who can help me please

Look at the FG_Location_HTML.aia example in 🐾 Foreground GPS Location Service experiments and Tutorial by SteveJG . Use it with fast updating and it might be useful.

Be aware this is not even close to a Tesla.

I doubt this is possible because you will be dependent on your device's DATA speed to access the map. The ability to refresh your screen might be highly variable depending on where you are driving, have access to cell phone and data coverage. You might experiment. I would not test this alone especially you are interested in speeds of 100 kph. Keep your eyes on the road, not the Android screen.