Folders or files created from apk are not detected in gallery automatically

Permission to ask, how can the folder or file that has been created by the apk be detected automatically when opening a photo or gallery? for example I create an image file and save it in /folder/file1.png, this file can be seen through the file manager but not visible in the photo or gallery. Thanks b4...

use the GalleryRefresh method from the tools extension


Tq for the answer, but still not work. When i share through whatsapp, telegram, etc the file, its look not enable, but when i share directly from file manager, its work. So, when i browse the file manager and then select the image group, its file no available even though the file exists.

  • Show your relevant blocks.
  • Also let us know which Android version you are testing on.
  • And are you testing with Companion or APK?

After I changed the COPY block to the MOVE block it finally worked. Thank you all for the responses guys

Why should that be the solution? I doubt it.
Show your blocks.

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