Foiled sending a basic text message

Greetings, I found everything I was looking for in the Social chamber . . . I think. Would someone please critique the following block image and tell me, as you would a child, why I am not receiving a text message at the cell phone number (last 4 masked) specified? Thank you so much for any help. I am certain that it is something simple that I am missing.

The SendMessage block will launch the phone's default messaging app and requires the user to push the send button. Are you not seeing the app launch?

If you want to send the message without user intervention, then you will need to use the SendMessageDirect block instead, which requires a special permission that you will be prompted for the first time you use the block (Android 6.0 and later). Note that using this block will likely make your app ineligible to be published via the Google Play Store since their policy only allows using the SEND_SMS permission for apps serving as the default texting app on a device.


Thank you for that clear information. Perhaps I may ask your opinion about which notification option I may choose. I don't care if I receive an email message at a designated email address or a text message at a designated phone number or an upload of data to a web site page set up for such a purpose. I am not interested in tracking users, as much as usage. To have a notification that an app at [Longitude / Latitude] connected at whatever the timestamp says would be a great (OK, simple) way of tracking simple use.

Given these modest requirements and the ever-encroaching world of communications security, how might I most simply accomplish this task in a way that will still be working in 5 years and not restrict me from any app sales sites?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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Hi, again

I replaced the send text block with the send text direct block. Once my app connected, I received a dialog box in the app that said that a text was trying to be sent but I had no SMS service. This is true, as my Android test phone only has Bluetooth and WIFI connections. Is there a way for the app to tell my phone to send a message over WIFI instead of a non-existing cellular connection?

Support for texting over Wifi is going to be dependent on your carrier settings. For example, I have T-Mobile in the US and I can do everything over Wifi if I can't reach a cell tower, but that isn't true of other providers. What does your cellular carrier say about support for things like Wifi calling and SMS?