Flip phone optimization

is there a way to optimize an app for a flip phone/any full keyboard phone, that pressing keys instead of onscreen buttons would trigger an action?

Do any flip phones use Android? I don’t think so. App Inventor is only for Android devices.

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a few, mostly Samsung and lg, but there is the exalt and Kyocera, and then some junky ransom ones.

App Inventor can’t do it, but you could either write your own extension or the whole App in Android Studio.

I might have the last ZTE Android 5 flip phone to enter the US from China,
never passed activation on Tracfone but still usable after bypassing its pleas to activate.

I use it for occasional BlueTooth access and as a Li-ion hand warmer.

I wonder if I could intercept changes in the .Text value of a hidden textbox,
using a Clock to poll, after forcing focus on that textbox and hiding the keyboard.

Should I try an experiment?

This seems to work fine in the emulator …

hidden_keyboard_test.aia (2.6 KB) when clock1 timer
Video …

(This only would work with the keys used for input, not the soft keys or directional keys.)

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We don’t know :slight_smile: Can you tap the keys on your ZTE to populate text boxes and trigger events? I don’t get the use of a Canvas…

Populate text boxes, sure, the keys are just an annoyingly small keyboard with an accommodating driver.
Trigger events? No. But I can still poll a textbox.Text value.

I used a Canvas to display the input letter by letter to show its sequential arrival letter by letter.
I could have fed the incoming letters to a Pac Man game, given the time.

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Ah. :roll_eyes: In that case I think you have hit the nail on the head.