Flashlight blink timed

I need create a flashlight blink timed.
For exemple
Flashlight ON 1 second
Flashlight OFF 1 second
Flashlight ON 2 second
Flashlight OFF 2 second
Flashlight ON 4 second
Flashlight OFF 4 second

I downloaded the extesion Taifuin but i don't understand how to insert the different seconds.

Use a clock timer and a variable counter to increment the timer interval as required

In your example:

set TimerInterval = TimerInterval * 2

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Sorry is an example.
I need flash light for different seconds: 1 seconds, 6 seconds, 5 seconds.

I use that to read a electric light meter (the flashing time is different for each parameter to be read).

Set the timer interval as required

Why not work?
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You are turning the flashlight on and off at the same time in Clock1.Timer. Also it is a better practice to set the interval before you start the timer.

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If you try to drive your car down the road before your turn on the ignition and start the car, you are not going to get very far....

XD lol
But how can I fix this? I have not idea...

Any Idea?

Try this

flashTimer.aia (15.8 KB)

I need to create that:
For 1 times
Flash light ON
Wait 0,5 seconds
Flash light OFF
Wait 0,5 seconds
Flash light ON
Wait 2,5 seconds
Flash light OFF
Wait 2,0 seconds
For 23 times
Flash light ON
Wait 0,5 seconds
Flash light OFF

This function will have to be activated when I press the "flash" button.n.

flashTimerv2.aia (17.3 KB)

If you move the goalposts again, you will probably have to work the solution out for yourself :wink:

This is similar to how to send Morse Code at a telegraph key ...