[FIXED] Error 1103 with NO code (chromebook)

I just moved today a

nd hooked up to the new wifi in the house I'm in. After trying to connect to my chrome book, I get this error msg. Anyone know what this is? i have searched the forum and found queries only for code issue creating this issue.

I have connected to my phone with no issues, it is only with the chromebook connection it creates this error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the companion app, three times, I have cleared the cache, reset the chromebook.

Thanks for any help


Before you ask, here's the code...!

fixed, complete system reboot

This is probably one for MIT.

However, we have similar devices but I do not see this on my companion:


Does this message appear when trying to connect a project?

No, Tim, it just went straight to the black box. I ended up reinstalling chrome and that cleared up the issue.
Thanks for gettin g back though

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