Fix the size of canvase

How can I make the top and the bottom tables over the Canvas because I don't want to change the size of imagesprite when I click on imagesprite.

Note : The clicking on the imagesprite is for hiding the top and the bottom tables

canvas.aia (69.3 KB)

Is this what you need ?

canvas_1.aia (69.3 KB)

No, it is not what I need.
I need the background of imagesprite is fixed with this image even if I click on the imagesprite.
When I need to hide top and bottom for icons I click on the page like this.

And when I need to show the top and bottom icons I click again on the page like this

Try this:

canvas_revised.aia (75.6 KB)

Credits @VSATISH13 for the Overlap extension

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Thank you Tim @VSATISH13 and dora_paz

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Is it possible to add one more button to show a button and a TextBox on the center of canvas when I click the show button and the TextBox
canvas_revised_Show_Button.aia (76.0 KB)

Yes. Using the extension again, set a vertical arrangement, fill parent both ways, centred both ways, and place a button in it. Then use the same logic with visibility to hide and show it as required.

Thank you very much Tim

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