Fix "err_unknown_url_scheme" error when using WebViewer

My App is used as a browser for my children’s Soccer Club website. I am using a “WEB VIEWER” to browse through the many tabs. Everything works like intended in the App. However, when I am browsing the website via the app, the following two features don’t work, even though they work when using a regular web browser:

  • When I click on a Google Navigate button
  • When I click on an Email button

When I do the above, I get the following error message “Webpage not available” - net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

I have read online about this issue.
Basically the problem occurs because “when an application or website which you download attempts to collect some information from the device, the WebView URL project cannot be authenticated.”
I can’t implement the solutions offered, because since I am using third party web sites, I am unable to manipulate their url code (i.e., add target=”_blank” in your URL href code).

I would like to know if there is a way to add blocks to my app so that whenever users click on “mailto:” links or Google Navigation links, the WEBVIEWER will display the desired screens.

I thank you all in advance for any and all help!

Here is a video that displays the problem at hand:

Here are images of the errors:

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Try this:

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Thank you Ken! This worked like a charm!

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Hello Ken,

Your extension worked well with the issues of Google Navigate and Email links. However, I still have an issue displaying embedded FLICKR image galleries. Do you know of any other extension or solution that can help me with this?

Topic closed, you have already asked about the flickr galleries in another thread

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