First tutorial (Buzzing Bee)

The tutorial says: "Note: there is a known issue with the Sound component on some devices. If you see an "OS Error" and the sound does not play - or is very delayed in playing, go back into the Designer and try using a Player component (found under Media) instead of the Sound component."

Of course it didn't work as expected. But the point is that after changing into the Player component, it didn't work again.

What should I do? Would this depend on devicees brands and years of fabrication to work perfectly?

Link to tutorial (always helps....)

I tested the source code (aia project) provided on the tutorial page, and it works fine on my phone using companion (Google Pixel 4a / Android 13)

Why not try this. Does it work? Or try the apk (installable app), does that work ?

If either of them do work, then go back and check your blocks.

Also, please advise of the device you are testing with.

I am using the Companion, as the Emulator didn't work with me. As for mentioned Google Pixel 4a / Android 13, I suppose it is about the version 13 of Android, but what is Google Pixel 4a? Do applications made with App Inventor depend on the operating system version or devices brands to run? As for the APK for Buzzing Bee, I don't know (or don't remember nor can't easily find) where to download it.


What phone are you testing with ?

Look on the tutorial page, the links are near the bottom

It was Motorola Moto 1, now I changed into a Samsung and the app worked perfectly.