First App not working, trying to connect Nano 33 BLE to Android

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

As my first app I tried to just copy a sample of a demonstration program to connect a BLE Device to an Android phone. I thought that would be simple and then I could add to the code to make it do what I want.

The App is a simple first step to create a connection from a BLE device to the Android. I found this app and instructions on this sight:

My own code is presented here which I believe is exactly as shown in the example.

Unfortunately when I try to run it, I get these messages.

Without any real text code to review, I'm finding myself at a screeching halt.

I am running this on Windows 10. I did notice the installation instructions stated Windows XP and Windows 7. I wasn't sure if it just doesn't work on Windows 10 or the installation guide was just never updated.

I have successfully fixed these error messages and the app appears to be responding with no error messages. The solution was to remove the BLE extension and just reinstall it. I reinstalled the same extension I down loaded originally. So just a remove and reinstall did the trick.

I'm not out of the woods yet as nothing shows up when I scan but at least the status changes to "Scanning" when I press the Scan button and "Scanning Stopped when I press the Stop Scan button. I can now do a search on connecting issues.

Thank You

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