🔥 Firestore: scalable database

i dont understand,should i replace getdocument with a dictionary like in picture?

You need to remove the for each block. Check the blocks you send in the message above. Here it worked perfectly.

i managed to get the results sir,thank you very much :relaxed:..how can i remove "" on the string and arrange them vertically?

i have met maximum number of replies now

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or should i send the .aia?

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Try to do that.

Screen 4

Screen 8

blocks - 2020-07-26T140501.700

As a result you will achieve this.

Doing the most basic request: Initialise -> Get -> When -> set text to get document.

Gives me

"Runtime Error"
"Failed resolution of Landroid/support/v4/util/ArrayMap;"

Any support greatly appreciated.

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What version of Companion are your running?
What version of Android are you running this on?

MIT AI2 Companion V2.60 through the QR APK
Latest EMUI on a Huawei Mate 20 Pro

This looks like a topic for @Jarlissonlira2

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Do you have them same issue when trying to use the extension?

@ABG Do you have them same issue when trying to use the extension?

I do not use that extension, that's why I referred you back to its author.

I also get the same issue as @Ed_By Running on a Samsung Note 10 @Jarlissonlira2

I got message: "Attempt to invoke virtual method 'com.google.firebase.firestore.CollectionReference com.google.firebase.firestore.FirebaseFirestore.collection(java.lang.String)' on a null object reference"

How to fix it, please, thank you

How to run number query on firestore (firestore extension)


What is this ? link not working ? :thinking:

The link not working

please update with ANDROID X :sleepy: :sleepy:
Extension not working on kodular

Which error are you getting?
This one, which already has been reported in Sept. 2020?

It seems to be, the developer abandoned the project...


When we get n187 we will be able to work with Firestore through the web component and its REST api using the http PATCH request