FirebaseDB problem

Im trying to make a screen that shows data gotten from FirebaseDB, it used to work when I was on the school network so I think its a problem with the connection, are there possible causes of this?

We really do not know....

  1. Tell us about your current network connection
  2. Show your relevant blocks, screenshot of your Firebase setup in the Designer, screenshot of firebase data in the console and any firebase rules.
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here is a screenshot of the code i have

and here is the other thing
Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 11.28.22 PM
firebase db's rules are both set to true

i think one of the reasons might be that because I am in china i keep expressvpn on, but ive tried with it off and i havent had any luck either

Try with the web component (a GET request), see what responseCode/responseContent you get?


it returned a null, i belivie that the bucket hasnt been created yet