FirebaseDB example not working

Anyone that has try this example ?

For me is completely not working

“Runtime Error
Error from Companion: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘boolean java.lang.String.equals(java.lang.Object)’ on a null object reference”

Which aia are you testing, the appyBuilder one (with chat) or the MIT AI2 one (without chat) ?
(assume you are testing on AI2…)

Yes, the MIT AI2 version

I checked the MIT version blocks and they look solid.
Note that the DB is Hossein’s, so double check that it’s available.

Nothing in the code looks like it would cause that error, so I advise double checking your Companion version.

PaintPotIII_MITVersion.aia (178.4 KB)

The apk file, installed on my phone, works properly
But if I try the aia file for App Inventor or the aia file for AppBuilder it does not start correctly and reports me
“… Error from Companion: Invalid Firebase url specified …”

In the example, the properties for Firebase component are:
FirebaseToken =
Usedefault = true
Persist = false
ProjectBucket = fb

Are correct ?
But if FirebaseUrl and FirebaseToken are empty, is a default db taken or does it not work at all?
However I have tried both this way, and inserting the data of my FirebaseDb db, following these instructions

but even with my data for Firebasedb, the app does not start, the returned error described above
“… Error from Companion: Invalid Firebase url specified …”

I currently use Companion 2.57bu, App Inventor nb182b installed on my internal server

No errors here when opening the aia project in companion....

possible clue....

Yes, this is the answer
The same project, in is all ok
Then, same version but not the exactly the same funtionality (public server and local server) ?

The FirebaseURL is populated from the server if it is set to DEFAULT. Offline distributions are likely not including a default URL, so you’ll have to provide your own.

This aia project is set to Hossien’s Firebase URL

Thank you all