FirebaseDB & CloudDB - how configure at run-time?

I am experimenting with the use of the FirebaseDB and CloudDB components
It seems that neither can be configured by app code
But how is it possible to create an app that uses these two components without first knowing the FirebaseDb / CloudDb data to use?

As the app developer you will know, in advance, the details (urls/tokens/buckets) of the database you want to connect to. There are some extensions (paid/free) for Firebase available that will allow the setting of the url/token at run time if needed.

Please provide and example / blocks code to further explain your requirements.

“…you will know, in advance,…”

This is not true
I’m the developer but the configuration data of the Firebase db could be entered by my customer who will use the program
What are the extensions that allow you to change the configuration at tun-time?

You will probably need both of these:

Firebase Authentication
Firebase Addon

Yes, it seem the answer to my request
Thank you

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