Firebase with Web Component & Data Changed Event

I'm actually rewrite my app to manage security access to my firebase databases.
With the very good tuto :grinning:

I'm now exclude the firebase extension and replace it by a web component with which i can manage security acces.

My question is how to manage or to have the equivalent of the very usefull "Data Changed event" ?

After further review, it seems that it could be done with a Webviewer component :

But there is no explanation on how to do ?
Anybody may help me ?

It is all explained there....

What is not working for you ?

Unfortunately, there is no REST method for handling data changed that can be handled through the Web component. You have to setup a pseudo html app to get a dataChanged event back.


Sorry, the login, Data access Read & Write are OK. So everything is working well.

The only thing that remain to do is to warn the user if the data changed (The app is mutli-user and i have also a program on my PC that compute & update the datas) then it's interessant that the app user receive a notification when the datas have been updated.
You said

What do you mean by ? how to set up it ?

It is there in the guide

There is no need to be rude....

As far as I am aware, my guide to get dataChanged events for an authenticated user, on a secure firebase realtime database, is the only available method for App Inventor 2. It is an advanced technique, and requires a good understanding of, or for the developer to be comfortable with App Inventor, html, and firebase security and web apps in order to apply it. My guide shows the html file required the blocks for how to signup and sign in an authenticated user, and the blocks required to return the data. (Note this method of dataChanged returns all data, regardless of whether it has changed or not, but will only fire when a data item has changed). I do not remember whether it will work if the data is changed from sources other than authenticated users...

You will need to learn about this by doing tutorials and practising.

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