Firebase update get with webviewer

Hello all,

I need to update a label when the firebase has changed...
Maybe someone will already use this and have an example? I cannot get it to work.
Thank you very much!

I have make this webpage from an online video but I cannot get it working. Pleaseif someone have an example really apreciated.

Thank you! I really don't know how to implement this.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0”>
<meta charset="utf-8">
  <script src="></script>


<pre id="object"></pre>
<script >
(function() {
	// initialize Firebase
	const config = {
		apiKey: "xxxxxxxxxxx",
		authDomain: "yyyyyyyy",
		databaseURL: "",
		storageBucket: "zzzzzzzzzzzz",
	//Get elements
	const pre0bject = document.getElementById('object');
	//Create references
	const dbRef0bject = firebase.database().ref().child('object');
	//Sync object changes
	dbRef0bject.on('value', snap => {
		pre0bject.innerText = JSON.stringify(snap.val(), null, 3);

Any reason you are doing this in an html page ?

not at all tim, but I use your webviewer firebase tutorial nad I tough that this is the way?
I have a firebase that when a user click on an item it will delete the item from firebase and I need to inform that it was deleted.
Any way to do that?
Thank you for any support!

Firebase Component
Update your data (e.g. delete/change tag/value)
Datachanged event (define specific tag)

well, thanks but I use the webview html for log in and verification...

it is ok to use them both?

Yes, you can use both, but you may get some unexpected results...