Firebase transfer question

I need to create an app where I can send written information directly on Firebase to update in real time on the app. I know how to send a label or textbox from the app to firebase, but i want to invert it. Like the example below, i need to write the classroom and the teacher name in Firebase to uptade the label on the app.


and where will the information come from?

just write the data like in the example directly on firebase


and send the "classroom" or whatever i want to show on the label

Btw sorry for the portuguese on the code, i know it maybe be hard to understand

not a problem :slight_smile:

If you are adding data directly to the firebase console, the the datachanged event in the Firebase component will not run. You would need to set a clock timer running to check the value of the tag at regular intervals. Just use the getValue block (inside the clock timer event) to fetch the tag, then the gotValue event to set the label with the value.


This is my project until now. So you mean i can change the DataChanged for the clock, right? And i dont know but, maybe delete the Initialize...

Yes, see my blocks above. ( I set the timer to 1000ms)

You can start the clock when you initialise the screen. However, you will need to stop the clock before you switch / open other screens.

If it is your intention to have many many classrooms and other data, and to do the same thing, it may be better to fetch the entire projectBucket's data in one call, and handle all the data in the app, extending the timer to 5/10 seconds.



This is the project now:

But my firebase just show it:


Without any tag below it. I dont think so if I add a new one its gonna work.
So, still dont working

What happened to your data ?


Good question lol
i really dont know. Can I add it manually?

this is what you said previously, that you were adding data directly into the firebase console ?

my bad, actually that example is a Value that was get from the app, at first i was thinking if I get the value and try to change it in the firebase console, its gonna change the label too (off course this dont work). I created a new realtime database to test the blocks you gave me, and all I got was... Nothing but a null data

because you have no data :slight_smile:

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thats the problem. Maybe if I make some button just to send something and create one (and so I can edit it on console)

You can click on the + sign (after the null) in the console to add a tag and data

i tried it, but didnt worked. Maybe I just did wrong?

You have to do it all in one go....


Click +
Type QuadroHorarios1
Click +
Type Aula1 for Name and classroom for Value
Click Add

okay now it worked. Thank you my friend, never used firebase before, and sorry for taking your time with the confusion I did with the example, Im just not an experting speaking english to express what I really need

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