Firebase store Value with Tag

I want to scan barcodes, search them up on a website to find their data, and store them into a firebase database. I use data from All the data I scraped seems to be fine. The problem is, when I am trying to store the data in firebase, when I try taking an index from a list, the data doesn't appear. I have been working on this problem for weeks.

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BarcodeTranslator.aia (11.8 KB)

I suggest you put in some practice with Firebase realtime database. Start off with something easy and simple, and slowly build up your getValue requests, testing at each stage. Eventually you will have that Eureka moment.

Your decision to scrape the bar code database site instead of using their API is costing you in app complexity.

Here is a Firebase explorer app set to explore what you have stored in your Firebase DB.

FireBase_Explorer.aia (8.9 KB)