Firebase storage ext dowloadings

Could please someone tell me where downloaded images are stored and if it is persistent?

On your android device or on Firebase ?

Android Device - is where you store them....

Firebase, in Firebase Storage.....

Into my Android apk - That page doesn’t exist -

Extension is here:

In your apk you would store images in the assets - Media (Upload File)

But if you want to download them for Firebase Storage once the app is running, then either in the private directory for the app or on the virtual (internal) sd card.

Please let me give you an exemple.
If i use download to display a picture in the image component, will this download stay in my phone memory after shutting down? This Way i could use it later?

You can choose....

If you set the image component to the url of the file, it will display but not save the file, each time.

If you download the file with the web component, and save it to your app storage or device storage (and get the file path for it which is saved to a tinydb or other database for retrieval), and set the image component to that file path, then the image can remain on the device.

Ok so if i resume, using this extension, and the .get component, the picture is stored in the assets permanently. Correct?


No you cannot store files in assets. But you can set the file path to the sdcard or private storage area for the app.

OK so it means that .get downloads are erased when apk closes except if i save them.
I was wondering, because my apk seems to use
More space each time.

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one last question: using .get, is the image downloaded in some kind of virtual folder?

memory (RAM)

how to access a file in ram memory?

If you want to access the file, then download it and save it to your device, if you don't, then just point to the url from the image component.

thanks, i understand it well, i was just wondering how it works, how a file can be read in memory ram.

ok excuse me i will read it attentively

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