Firebase send data to mitApp

The esp8266 send numbers to firebase ,but could not see that number in my smartphone :expressionless:
I left the ESP8266 runing now .
Thank you
testfb2.aia (1.8 KB)

The dataChanged event will not fire if changes are made to the data "outside of the app", or if the app has not yet "connected" to firebase by making a change. The first issue is your most likely problem.

To workaround this, use a clock timer to call the getValue of the tag.

J'essayé aussi avec l'horloge mais je n'ai pas réussi

Peux tu modifier le AIA pour que ça marche ? Et merci ,
Le ESP est entrain d'envoyer maintenant: millis()/1000 par second

Are you sure the tag adad is being populated, it returned empty for me when I tested it?

Please show your firebase console data.

Il s affiche vide pour moi aussi dans le smartphone

You can see in the firebase console data the tag dada which I created when testing.

There is no tag adad, therefore there is nothing to return.

What firebase activity are you showing in the second screenshot ? (Cloud function ?)

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Firebase_seif33_ESP8266.ino.txt (3.1 KB)

Je peux vous envoyer le compte et mot de passe firebase si vous voulez

Arduino sketches etc. are outside of my skill set (I have no such devices to play with...)

Hopefully someone else can help.

D'accord merci beaucoup pour ton essaie