Firebase retrieve the 1st app's firebase data

i have developed an app using mit app inventor and there i used firebase component and i made another app but with same concept and with same user interface and used firebase component but this time i used another firebase url coz. the problem is when i use the 2nd app it retrieve the previous app used firebase data. what should i do now?

Show also the code you are using now. If I understand your request, different URL of firebase got the same data ?

Check the blocks and designer settings in your second app, also, if using companion app to test, and if you are using tinydb to also store data, clear tinydb of all tags.

Correct, specifically my 1st app is for secondary teachers and 2nd app is for elementary teachers.. As the app concept is same.. So i just exported aia file and rename into elementary and import it.. I made changes like all firebase url.. But the problem is the app retrieve data from the 1st app's firebase url

In my app there is option for logout.. When i click it, it clear all the tinydb data and i had used the logout button, same result(retrieve 1st app's firebase data)

Instead of change URL you can also change only the tag. You can create one tag secondary teacher and one tag elementary teacher. But if you changed all the URL and settings about first firebase you can't get data from it :thinking: you checked all settings , both in design editor and in the code ?

1st app's firebase url from a google account and 2nd app's firebase is from another google account

Show your designer settings for each app, and the relevant blocks.

Are you using the Firebase component or the Web component?

I changed the tinydb namespace.. And its working fine now.. Thank you

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