Firebase realtime not working in european location

Hello Guys …is there any way to make Firebase real-time database work in European server Belgium ....Recently my country blocked the US server and now I'm facing this problem (For a custom firebase host you must first set your authentication server before using authentication features!) it realated to SDK outdated or what ?

Use the web component to work with Firebase

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but how can I get data from DataChanged event ??

You need a different approach

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it is kinda hard ...Can you suggest me a good database for Chat app instead of Firebase real-time ?

CloudDB ? (May depend on how "big/viral" your chat app will be) - but then you would use a Redis server for that....

Alternatively (back to Firebase) use a VPN or Tor Browser?

give me pricing of this service

If i do VPN i will be able to see my data on the console but it is useless as my app users can't write data to firebase

How much data is stored? If you have a massive User base, then you probably need your own website/server, in which case you can use any database - hosted websites usually include an SQL db.

At the other end of the scale, could Google Sheets be used?