Firebase Realtime Database Automatically Changing the Rules


I have made an app that uses the FirebaseDB component to enable a user to Register and Login. I am using a custom Firebase Project, not the Default one.
Till a few days back, everything was working well with the app. (In both - The downloaded .apk and in the Companion.)

But today, when I opened the app (.apk) , an error popped up on the Login Screen - It showed "Firebase Error". I checked the Database in the Firebase Console, and the rules had automatically changed from ".read": true, ".write": true to ".read": false, ".write": false ..

Please help me solve this issue. I have changed the rules back now, but I am submitting this app for a competition, and I don't want this error to come when the judges check it.

Thanks in Advance

This sounds like a Firebase problem. Your open settings may have been on a timer in Firebase, they write a rule that gives 30 days of open rules, then change the rules to secure rules.



So how should I disable this feature?

Please let me know.

If you have changed your rules to read:true; write:true again, and you get no notices or warnings from Firebase, then you should be OK to carry on with open rules.

If you are still unsure, show your current rules (everything in rules) here...

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Hi Tim,

I changed the rules back to
"rules": {
".read": true,
".write": true
(That's all that is there in the rules)

It did not send me a warning this time, So I'm assuming all is fine.
If I face the same problem again, I'll ask you.

Thanks a lot @TIMAI2

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