Firebase ProjectBucket implementation

hello guys I am back with new topic.

when a'm installing app holding this block on my phone,the phone says "Blocked by Play Protect" this happen due to the present of ProjectBucket block, because when i run this without ProjectBucket it's fine, but i need to use ProjectBucket in my block how could it be possible please share me example .aia. that include ProjectBucket block with no such kind of bad warning.

Are you using your own Firebase Account project or MIT ?

You don't "have to" change the ProjectBucket...., you could set the value like so:

tag = join: goodmorning + / + account.Text

Besides your Firebase problems, your local variable 'name' suffers from a multiple personality disorder.

Is it a list, or a piece of text?

You treat it differently in different parts of your code, especially when assigning it defaults when not found.

Use 'create empty list' as a default if you want it to be a list, and change its name from 'name' to 'names' to imply it is plural, like a list of names.

As a variable name, 'name' is inadequate. Name of WHAT?

  • Name of my dog
  • Name of your uncle?
  • Your name?
  • Name(s) of your customer(s)?

Make 'of' your friend.
It will help you when you need to read your code.

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I use my owne firebase account, but i need at list 10 different ProjectBuckets to hold different id in each ProjectBuckets.

Hi ABG thanks for your good description! i got your point but what i need is creating multiple ProjectBuckets and all other block are made randomly.

This should not stop you using the approach I suggested....

let me show you this

blocks (4)
blocks (3)

these block also have the same installation error as i told you before.
but when i remove one of the button it work well and give me 2 deferent projectbuckets( the default and new one).

I do not believe anyone here knows why the ProjectBucket block is causing these problems for you. I have never seen this before.

Perhaps you can create an example aia project that reliably repeats this behaviour for others to test ?

My other suggestion, to avoid using the ProjectBucket was intended as a workaound for your problem, which may be related only to your aia project (something else going on) or with the configuration of your Firebase.

please send me simple ProjectBuckets creator .aia which work on your phone well to check on my phone if you can.

Can you show your structure in the firebase console, including the name of your top level project bucket (the one shown in the designer) ? - I need to understand how you are trying to doing it in order to replicate...

On my initial tests with a compiled app on my phone, I get no complaints from Play Protect regarding ProjectBucket blocks, I am side loading the app, if that makes any difference ?

TIMAI2.... this is bad moment that I meet, because i am on the project that 9 days left to be summit, creating at list 10 project bucket is expected. but i cant use even 2 purojectbucket blocks with different name on MIT of course there is no error when i build APk it is well until installation , the problem is during installation. even I can't find why the phone said that.
even for this!

even i search on kodular and thunkable community all those solutions can't solve my problem.

but when i use 1 projectbucket all works well including installation.

it works well

but it is not :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

blocks (11)

What is the difference between loading and sending?

You store in both cases.

let us stop here the problem didn't get solution because it work fine when i am Appling it on other phone.

the issue is still bump on my mind, hey guys give us .aia example that create 5 projectbucket to store different tag list using 5 different button.

You didn't respond to my request above, if you can do that then I can help to provide an example.

don't worry for name assumption what i need is the method to create such structure. look this!

chatmeonweb.aia (4.0 KB)

my problem is this