Firebase not working on different phones

I´m uploading patient´s data to FireBase. On my phone the app uploads and downloads data perfectly. However, on a friend´s phone with the same app he can´t access the data that I uploaded, and when he uploads data I don´t have access to it. I repeat, we have exactly the same app. When I upload data it looks like Elijah Perez Cruz, and when he uploads it it appears as " Elijah Perez Cruz ". Thanks a lot Biodispositivos.aia (142.3 KB)

I coded a dump utility for your database:
dumpFirebase.aia (3.7 KB)
but only saw 1 record under your common bucket.

I have not investigated if there is a mis-spelling of your bucket name across screens.

Next step is to look for how spaces are handled before storing tags. My best guess would be one of you added a space to the tag, and it caused extra entries.

This is difficult to debug without direct access to the Firebase data through Firebase's console, where you can see all the buckets/tags.

Do you have any other top levels in your data besides Pacientes?

Does your friend have a different language setting on his phone, causing different text representations of the same name because of the extended character set of your language(s)?

Could you reproduce the problem, so the synonymous entries are visible in my dump utility?

By the way, in AI2 screens need to be closed as often as they are opened, otherwise they fill RAM eventually.