Firebase Nested Tags

I have started playing around with Firebase. I found this tutorial which gave me the idea for which I need help. I am trying to make "nested" tags. or Child tags I guess you would call them.

|"child tag" - with data
|"grandchild tag" with information
I've tried several thing with little some but not perfectly what I am looking for.

My blocks that are working minimally are below. I


This looks like a job for JSON representation of your data ...

@ABG I appreciate the resources, however they don't really point me in the use of Firebase. I'm not a programmer, so connecting the dots in that respect is not something i'm accustomed to.

I'm looking for something specific to my use case.


The place is start is to reproduce Romin Irani's blocks. Have you done that Chaka? Did you get his example to work?

Romin's is one of the best tutorials with respect to Firebase. Romin creates his database using App Inventor Blocks, then uses the Firebase dashboard to display the relationships.

Here is the critical part of Romani's tutorial that you missed ...


Notice that the tag Romani is using for each attribute of a bus route consists of the major identifier (in this case, the bus route), joined to a '/' and then the text name of the attribute that will go into the value under that tag.

So you will need 3 StoreValue blocks to store the 3 attributes of a client device.
You will have to also specify the client, '/', the device at the front of each tag to fully identify it.


I did the whole tutorial and got it to work but not as expected, that is how I based my current play around session. I will re try that example maybe i missed something a block. it was similar to what im trying to accomplish which is why I referenced it.

I will recheck everything thanks.

update oooooh, light bulb moment! it just clicked in my mind. I figured out what both of your were saying. I just needed to step away form it.


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