Firebase, getting values from 2 tags

Hello, I am trying to make a profile account. I have 2 tags that I would use, The "CurrentUser" tag which it's value is a string of the user's login username, and another separate tag for the user's list of info. If the username is geo, the "CurrentUser"s value would be "geo" and the tag for the list that username would be "geoinfo" that contains the user's info. I have a problem with getting the value of 2 tags as there is only one get value block and the values would combine. An example of how I could fix this issue would be great, thanks a lot.

you need IF...ELSE...block.

IF tag=currentuser THEN

Can you show me how I can integrate the IF ELSE block to make it work? My logic is to get the value of the current user to access the information of the said user in order to show their details to their profile. I tried playing around with the IF ELSE block but I just can't seem to make it work. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks a lot!
question 3

Why not just use one tag to store all the data?

Hi @kamijoji ,
assuming that you are storing correctly the data on firebase,
try this

or this

I did not try, but should work
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