Firebase getTagList from a list

Hello everybody!

I wonder if it is possible to set all the costumers of an user in a list by a variable type set in the spinner. For example: First we touch the spinner and select the filter: Search by name,Email,Address,City.(I don't know if it could be done by their indexes), and let's pretend I choose filter by name. Right after the spinner, all costumers name from the current user should be set in the ListPicker, and when I click on a costumer in the listpicker all his information would fill each of the blank text boxes according to each information on the costumers row. Is it possible to do that? Can I use the "get web" or Firebase get value? Sorry about my english! I'm a bit desperated!


This is a duplicate post of your other two posts on the same topic. (I will close them...)

Here is a link (which I have already provided) to show you how to get a taglist list and the data therein

I did everything like the example, but I got an error when I click on read data button. :cry:

You have to help us help you....what was the error ?

This one

Look in the lower left.

A .Text value is not a component block.

The component blocks are the last block in each component's Blocks Pallette.

Now it works! But I still messing up somewhere in my blocks. When I click on read data it gets the entire data of the database, and not just the costumer.

Show us the path to Yago in the data.

Then show us the blocks that you thought would give us Yago.

Also, explain this:

Is that the index 2? In this case the UI.area

I don't know if I am doing it right, I mean the right way to nest the variables. Yago in this case is the current user, and Joaquim is his costumer.

This is a listview. I thought that by clicking on the costumer on the listview it would fill all the blank textboxes up to it. I'm confused! And stuck on this problem! :sleepy:

This is probably related to a Firebase parameter called the Bucket.
It is intended to give you a starting point in the Firebase data tree when you don't want all of it, but just a small branch of the tree.

From your data dump, I see there are several layers to your tree, so you probably need to have your Bucket pointing deep into the tree.

It has been a while since I did Firebase, but I am guessing there might be one of two ways to point the Bucket deep into the tree:

  • set the Bucket to the first layer (the top), then set it to that long garbage string, then set it to Yago if you just want Yago, or
  • set the Bucket to all the branch choices on your way down, JOINed together with '/' between each layer and the next. ('/' is special in Firebase and CloudDB, as I recall.)

Maybe some one who has used FireBase recently can remind me?

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Wouldn't be easier, in case there are no authentication rules in firebase, to use Web component to get all data from firebase ?

We can set Web1.Url to


and then when Web1.GotText we get responce content in json format. Afterwards dictionary blocks can be used and lists can be created according to needs

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Thanks ABG! I'll try to do that. I noticed that even when I changed the index on the blocks, when I hit the read button, it gets the entire data from the UI. Maybe we need to cut the bucket somewhere and split the data. Thank you very much man!

This app is still in Test Version, till we finish it. When everything works well I will change the rules and authentication. I am depending on this app to continue in my first job as a developer. I know that I still need to learn tons of things,work on my logic, my codes. And all the times I needed, the community was there to save my skin! Just want to thank all of you! :smiley:

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(reverberations of decades-old remorse)

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Also note that when tag list contains only integers like 1, 2, 3… Get tag list block will not work properly

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So what do you propose me to do?

Stay cool! In the end everything is gonna be alright! :sweat_smile:

Do a small side project to learn how to navigate your ProjectBucket in the data tree.

Search this forum's samples section for working Firebase samples.

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