Firebase error only en apk

Where do the values for float and int come from? Show your blocks

All blocks are these. Value float and int came from firebase. Because of the error in my project, I got the aia file of a similar project, but they had the same error.

And this all works fine when connect with AI companion. But apk doesn't work. The project works with a microcontroller esp8266. MC sends sensor value to firebase. And AI2 reads these value from firebase.
Everything works fine. Just apk doesn't

Here is same project.

Do you get an error message from the apk / installed app ?

Post the Screen1.Initialize event block.
Which Android version?

Use logcat and post results:

İnstalled on Android 12 but didn't work. On Android 5.1 couldn't install. Allowed unknown source.
And I couldn't understand the other you said.

What don't you understand about this part?

Let's take a look at the APK. So upload the APK to Google Drive and post the link here.

I deleted the firebase url.
Aia and apk file

Try this one:
FirebaseIOT_2.aia (670.9 KB)

I cleared cache . But stil doesn't work

Did you build the APK with my FirebaseIOT_2.aia (670.9 KB)?
If so, does it crash again?

Yes. This is yours aia

I've no issue with it on any device (Android 5, 7, ..., 11, 12).

Thank you for your patience and attention.

what could be the problem?
Can you send your apk file?

Did you build the APK with AI2 or Kodular?

I ve send you my apk

And can you send me your apk that I send you aia file

What exactly means 'does not work'?
You sent a screenshot which says 'Send your app for scanning'... what happens if you click 'don't send'?

Also what about


Hello taifun.

And here are aia and apk file.

Its works connect my phone "Connect/AI Companion"

But when install the apk file its doesn't work.
Here the video 15th thread.

I haven't tried this. If you help, make an apk of the aia file I sent and send the apk to me. Lets try to install it