Firebase Error com.firebase.client.Firebase com.firebase.client.Firebase.child(java.lang.String)'

Hello I am Making a Register & Login In My App but I am Facing this error

And also

Tried everything but can’t figure out problem

Here are my Blocks

Kindly help me with it.

Your second error is obvious, you are trying to set a tag with a disallowed character (probably an email address....)

When does the first error occur in the process?

As soon as this app open & secondly when clicking on button 1

And even when I don’t put “.” In my email I still get this error

You will have to do some testing. Try removing all but one element you are saving to firebase, if that works, add another, and so on, until you find what is causing the error.

However here is my fire base pic

It’s almost empty
Is fire base fine?

Sir now this error is showing
However I put url correctly

You may need to refresh/restart your companion and just check that your firebase url is correct....

You also seem to be running three (3) firebase components, why ? Only one is needed... I am guessing that some of your error codes are coming from the confusion of these three components....

Also in your initialise event you call a value from FirebaseDB2 but you do not handle the gotValue for it ?