Firebase error and Error 1104

I've been experimenting for awhile now and after several progress of changes, my firebase is messed up that returns a message of FirebaseError even if I did not touch any of its component except changing the rules of it. This started after I changed some of the rules due to the Error 1104 error of storing data to firebase.

Is this somewhat a bug since I didnt even touched its firebaseToken and firebaseUrl?

You need to show everything, "firebase error", error 1104 (complete), your blocks that cause the errors, your firebase rules, your firebase console data.

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Blocks storing data using web component.
This blocks returns Error 1104 below

So after searching solutions for this, i tried to add rules... hoping it solves that error

Note: I didnt change any firebase credentials such as fbUrl, token and link itself.


That's a most unusual looking path.

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Ive been using this method for awhile using web component and it works to other projects of mine without a problem of storing data

Oh okay, now ive noticed that Error 1104 is due to Putfile. :woozy_face: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:, I shouldn't mess my rules at the first place.

Thank you guys, You helped me all the way <3

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