Firebase: Displaying Multiple data from multiple Tags

Image1: The way I want my app to display data from Firebase. Selecting data from each tag
Image2: The data I have in my Firebase. I have 4 tags, each tag is a list of data
Image3: Current progress which seems totally wrong.

I have attached the designer and the blocks.



I am sorry if the placement of the tags in the table is wrong. You can correct it the way you want :smile:

Hello Joel

Rather than a bunch of Label Components, what you really need is a Table or List. There is an extension that enhances the ListView component, so that could be of interest:

If you have HTML skills, it is possible to define an HTML table in App Inventor and display it in a WebView component.

Hi Chris,
How do we do that?
Will we have to save the html code in the media, or in the URL specify the location where the code is saved?

I have faced issues while using the table component and has to re-make the designer due to that!

Hi again

The HTML file is created dynamically in the App, saved to the App's App Specific Directory and displayed in the App with a WebView Component - no Internet required, it's a local file.

The file can be built with 3 List Blocks. List 1 for the Header, List 3 for the Footer (both of which are fixed) and List 2 is your data.

If you know HTML and CSS, you will be able to make a good looking Table that can be replaced dynamically if fresh data is downloaded. If you don't code in HTML, there are custom List View extensions that can give you good results too:

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I think this can really help you :

Another helpful link :


There is also Ken's Tableview extension which will build a table in an arrangement, based upon csv values.

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