Firebase DB Issue

Here is my code-

Whenever I click login Button (button 1), nothing happens Please check

Not sure why you are using cloudDB and Firebase ? Just one online database solution would be sufficient.

Suggest you use Do it (if you can on a mobile) to test your values at each step, or set the tag/values to a label at each step so that you can see what is happening.

Actually I am both firebase DB as well as cloud DB as firebase DB is acting as global storage whereas cloud DB as phone storage. FirebaseDB ensures saving data so that it can be viewed in other phone but cloud DB is to avoid multiple times sign in single phone

You should use tinydb for local storage.......

But as per my expreince data stored in tiny DB is not available once the app is closed

This would depend on wanting to access that data from a different device.

Tinydb is persistent and the data is stored across app restarts. Read the documentation.

... once the app was un-/reinstalled.

Well, I am gonna try soon and reply....