"Firebase .DataChanged" block doesn't work

Everything related to firebase works well except for the block "Firebase .DataChenged". What can I do or check?

@pashaTNT_games welcome to the great AppInventor community Show how you use that

On valueIfNotGotThere use craeteEmptyList

How it should look?

Read this :

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It doesn't work as written here

A guess is the DataChangged Block does not work as you expect is your use of the conditional statements ( if ... ).
These Blocks look wrong. If the condition you specify

never happens, the Blocks it points to will not execute.

Here are examples showing how the conditional Blocks should be used Programming Your App to Make Decisions, perhaps that information will help.

I suspect, but do not know, the get start value block may be one of several issues.

doesn't work

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

ClickBatle.aia (104.6 KB)

Are you sure ... ? Check this ...



The token is always the same. I didn't change it

Go to your project settings and check → Web API key.
Post a screenshot, like this:

It is written there "No Web API Key for this project "

It gets generated once you go into the "Authentication" section for the first time

It was generated. I copied it to the project, but it still doesn't work.

Also, for example, on the screen "Loby", this block works through the "If"

You are using two firebase's components. Have you changed properties for both of them on all screens ?

Yes, except ProjectBucket