Firebase Database and Judging

If there is some problem in the firebase database, that all the usernames got (with the one used to login by the judges) deleted but there is no problem with our code. In this situation will the judges check the app's code?

The judging should be already completed. It was your responsibility to make sure everything was working as it should. It is the judge his/her choice how to judge your app and look at the code.

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But sir the data was getting deleted on a day-by-day basis. And our code was not wrong and it was Firebase that was giving us some problems.

You could have used no firebase since it was just for a login page and wasn't necessary to see the workings of your app. Or used a TinyDB instead.

But this discussion isn't important anymore because like i said the judging will have been completed by now. Maybe something to remember for next time.

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Oh ok sir. From next time I'll surely keep that in mind

Why don't You Just Compile a app with other Database of firebase With Judge login And sign-up detail and Just Vopy The deatil in the Appathon's Firebase

Closed topic because exploration of this issue is not relevant because judging is finished