Firebase crashes screen when multiple requests are sent

Hi! I have a problem with the firebase component. When the screen is initialized it retrieves data from the server, which works fine usually, but if you cut your internet connection and open the screen multiple times (send multiple requests to get that data) and reconnect to the Internet, the screen crashes, with no error message. Is there a solution to this?

I presume that this:


is a screen you have just opened?

What is your test that the internet connection is there when you initialise this screen?
(why are you disconnecting from the internet?)

  1. yes this is a screen which I just opened or generally can be opened within the game
  2. Iam not testing if there is a internet connection, it will load infinitely till it can connect and receive the first data package.
  3. If you have an unstable Internet connection (Mobile Data) and try repeatedly to connect, it should not crash