Firebase crashes app on startup with us-central1 server

I am using AI2Offline (to be able to set AppPackage). For Firebase I am using FirebaseUtil extension. At Firebase server is set to United States (us-central1). In development mode everything is working properly. In compiled APK app opens and closes immediately.

I also tried to delete FirebaseUtil extension and use FirebaseDB but same situation - app opens and closes immediately.

Also tried to create new project at Firebase again with United States (us-central1) server and use it instead of the previous one but same situation.

When I delete FirebaseUtil and FirebaseDB app starts normally.

My blocks below (using FirebaseUtil extension):

Any ideas what can cause the problem? Did I missed something?

What happens if you use AI2 AppInventor ?

(There is no support from MIT for AI2Offline, you need to ask on that community)

Also, where can the "FirebaseUtils" extension be found ?

AI2 AppInventor -> app closes when using FirebaseUtils, app is working correctly using FirebaseDB

Oh, you're right. Will do that for sure :slight_smile:

Well, there is one solution...

You could also try using the Firebase REST api with the web component....

Ah I see, Sumit calls it Firebase Addon, but in the extension he calls it FirebaseUtils....

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Ahhhh, man. Followed tutorial from your link and now everything is working perfect. You are awesome :smiley: Thank you :slight_smile:

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