Firebase Cloud Messaging By UnkownBeast

Hello guys

currently im using (firebase Cloud Messaging By UnkownBeast V1) , this extension has lack of features , i m wondering if there is new update ?? i couldnt find the developer :frowning:

another question did you published an app containing this extension on play store , have you encountered issue ??

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 10.58.34 AM

@Know_About_IT See here.

According to here the extension you refer to is discontinued....

Well, I discontinued aix for Kodular (Due to conflict with old sdks) , I will take a look for Ai2 in a few days

I have tested your extension on various brands (MI , VIVO , Samsung ) its working fine ,
although i notice some problems include :

1- on 'MessageRecevied' event is not responding during foreground ( this feature is needed to handle in-App Messaging).
2- when Notification is received in Background , clicking on the notification does not jump to open application.

hope you continue update the extension for AI2 :pray: