Firebase chat related

my chat app is based on group chat between two district employees. There are 30 districts and user chooses to transfer from one district to another. so user provides his current district and the district he wants to go. another user also provides the required data.

Suppose 1st user want to go from District A to B. So the app creates a project bucket A-B in firebase . 2nd User wants to go from District B to A. again the app creates a project bucket B-A in firebase.
So the problem is 1st user and 2nd user need to talk to each other. So the 2nd user must go to the project bucket A-B to chat with 1st user. Ignore other blocks. When Screen Initilized, that block is important. So how do i do that?

Is anyone going to help me or not??

Stop spamming the community with duplicate posts. If someone can help they will.

Perhaps rephrase your problem?

You probably want to use the data hanged event, and/or a notification.

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A user sends in a request in a tag/value to meet with another user. This triggers the dataChanged event.

Every users device runs the datachanged event, but each user tests against their own username being in the data. If it is then they are shown the request for a chat - more code here....

i just used sorting method to do that. Simple