Firebase Chat and Label HTML Content

Here is a demo showing how to set up your project to use firebase as a chat store, and demonstrates how the new Label HTMLContent property block can be used to good effect

Firebase Chat and Label HTML Content


After 5 user... Its giving error that Select list item: List index too large. How to solve this for infinite users?

The demo is restricted to the length of the colour names list. Add a colour to that list for each new user, or modify the blocks to reuse colours.

This was a demo about html content, not really about chat...

Pls help to reuse the colours.. I dont getting the perfect idea to do that.. Pls help with blocks

You could do something like this:


or just do it randomly....

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Sir, how to do the messages i sent that will appear on the right side and messages from other users in left side ?

Not possible, because it all happens in one label.

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ok Sir, Thanks for your help

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