Firebase Authentication Logout, Signout


I found the firebase authentication extension (version 3) by mirxtrem. Its good. I have learnt to sign up, and sign in.

What about Sign out?. There is no way to sign out? Does firebase signout users automatically after a certain time?

Thanks in advance.

Use web component for (user signup, user login and user signout) :


There is no sign out using the extension (REST api) but it can be done using the web method above.

Sign in tokens usually have a lifetime of one hour. The authenticated user will be required to sign in again after the token expires, unless the developer provides a token refresh routine to keep them logged in.


I have used the extension by mirxtrem for the sign up, sign in, and delete.
Its great for these purposes.

question. When I use the delete user, from mirxtrems extension, the user record does not actually delete from he authentication list in firebase. is that by design?

I have also used and done the exercise here ->

Main question.
How can I use a combination of both these resources. i.e use the extension by mirxtrem for what it can do. And use the webview/ web ... technique from 'metricrat ' for he purpose of logging off, signing out, of firebase...why would that happen?

also, thrid question - I was able to "sign in" even with a wrong password in the 'metricrat' version.

Humble thanks in advance.

In some situations, yes

See here:
How to have Secure Rules on Firebase, and allow Auth Users to Read/Write

Really? Are you able to repeat this and provide an example?

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With regards to signing out, use your app to do that, so that the user HAS to sign in again if they want to return.

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You might also be interested in:

Firebase with a Web Component

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I will look / test closely again and get back.

To enable "Logout", can we not do this?
Store the refreshtoke in a global variable.
On Logout button click, call FirebaseAuth.RefreshIdToken passing the token stored in the variable.
Set the variable to null/blank.
The FirebaseAuth.Error event gets called; if no errors, the event FirebaseAuth.AfterRefreshToken gets triggered. Here if the variable is null, set the expireIn to 0 or a small number like 5 (5 seconds).
This should log the user out of Firebase dB, right..on top of other app. level logout options