Firebase authentication in mit app inventor throwing error

i am trying to use firebase authentication in mit app inventor with the following blocks:
Screenshot (46)_LI

i have already created a user in firebase authentication with my mail and a password :

but when i am clicking on the sign in btn (ie the button 5) in the response content i am getting something like :
error : code: 400 , message: invalid email
and some other text after it in json form but the my problem is that i am not able to sign in even if my email is obviously correct i checked it many times.

can anyone please help!!
thanks in advance

This appears to be the problem...check your email Textbox for the correct email address that matches what is in Firebase. Are you signing in or signing up ? The url and parameters are different. If your user is already created then use the signing in parameters


i did some changes in it and i worked beautifully thank you very much for your support you have no idea how much i was struggling with this thing . thanks again for your support!1

The community is a sharing place, tell us what you had to change to get it working, others can learn too.

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i did not do much, i guess i was writing some wrong password in my password box so to tackle this issue i pre fed the value of password and email and the whole sign in process is triggered by a single button which i further secured by adding another normal password box like if i enter the correct password the button will enable else it will remain disabled.

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